Helping you to control Legionella

Legionella is probably present in all natural water sources. Given the right environment it can become a serious risk to health and in some cases can prove fatal. If not properly controlled Legionella will spread rapidly over a wide area. The penalties for non-compliance with current Health & Safety guidelines are severe as is the damage to the reputation of the organisation affected.

The required level of monitoring will depend on the plant and water services on the site. Tough Water Solutions design programmes for the management of the legionella risk. This would generally include cleaning and disinfecting, regular monitoring of the water temperature, inspections of cold water tanks and reviews of the management programme.

We are offering two types of Water Quality Monitoring Services.

Consultancy Only

More and more clients are trying to save money but understand how important complying with Legionella Prevention is.

To help you save money we can offer our services as a consultancy only and offer compliance certification annually. This way you save money but have Tough Water Solutions Ltd ensuring you are still compliant and supporting you throughout the year.

We can offer training to ensure your staff is competent to do the tasks required and have an understanding of there duties.

As a consultant only we will annually visit to go through all checks that are required doing so that the on site trained competent person can carry out the monthly checks.

We will help you put a program in place to ensure all checks are carried out and where necessary appropriate measures are implemented.

Full Water Quality monitoring

You have a busy work load and you want someone else to carry out you’re Water Quality Monitoring for you. That’s no problem! We would be more than happy to carry out regular checks to suit, the frequency of these would depend on the Water Services on you’re site.