In accordance with ACoP L8 & BS8558

Various Commercial and Multi Residential properties have Cold Water Storage Tanks located in their buildings, that feed a number of building assets including Hot Water Systems such as; showers. It also feeds outlets which public use as drinking water which is why it is extremely important to have a correct plan implemented, to monitor and prevent any potential risks.

Microbiological Sampling and regular inspection of the Tank/Cooling system should be carried out, as a requirement of HSG 274 and BS8558 (previously BS6700) to remain compliant with the HSE’s ACoP L8.

Tank Cleaning should be carried out Annually or more frequently if inspection outcome requests it’s necessary.

If you are responsible for the Health & Safety of the Water System you should carry out a Risk Assessment to be able to implement a plan or seek professional advice.

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Irrigation tank cleaning

Commonly found in garden centres and sports grounds used for watering plants or sports fields.

Non harmful chemicals to plant life are used to disinfect so that no plant life is damaged by the cleaning process.

Cold water storage tank cleaning

Water storage tank cleaning is a very large part of our company, we currently clean and chlorinate around 150 water storage tanks every year in and around the UK.
These tanks are used to supply drinking water so need to be tested and certified before human consumption.

You probably think its fine to leave your tank and not worry about cleaning it! well you would be wrong, all potable water tanks need to be cleaned and chlorinated each year. It is surprising how many people think it’s an unnecessary task – just because you don’t see the tanks every day, to notice what’s happening in them.