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TMV Installation & Servicing

Thermostatic Mixing Valves are designed to blend hot and cold water together at the outlet point so that the water is at a safe temperature to use.

Water Tank Cleaning

Tanks & Cooling Towers are at the highest risk of spreading disease such as Legionella. So a Tank Clean is performed regularly in order to reduce the risk significantly. Whatever the requirement Tough Water Solutions Ltd will work with you to complete the works

Cooling Tower Services

Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers are recirculated water systems that use fans to push air through them. It is crucial that effective management, monitoring and preventions are put in place.


Pipe insulation is fitted to protect the pipe from the environment atmosphere and also for energy efficient reasons to help maintain the heat in the hot water pipes.


We can provide a Water Sample service on domestic, commercial and industrial systems.

Water Hygiene Services

Legionella is probably present in all natural water sources. Given the right environment it can become a serious risk to health and in some cases can prove fatal. If not properly controlled Legionella will spread rapidly over a wide area.

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