All our Water Sampling is carried out Via a UKAS Approved Laboratory.

We can provide a Water Sample service on;

  • Domestic
  • Commercial
  • Industrial Systems

We can provide results for a wide range of Water Samples, some of which include;

  • Legionella (including; Pneumophila Srg 1, Srg2-15 and Legionella Species)
  • TVC, Ecoli & Total Coliforms
  • Pseudomonas
  • Colonies 2, Colonies 3, Coliforms, Faecal Streptocci, Clostridium Perfringens (generally taken from food factories)
  • New Water Main Connection Water Sample Analysis
  • Potable Water Analysis

If we haven’t mentioned the test you require above, contact us!

If you wish to take the samples your self please contact us first so we can provide you with the correct bottles to use!

However, we would be more than happy to attend site and take the samples for you!